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Who is Guru?

The Sanskrit meaning of Gu denotes Darkness or ignorance and Ru denotes The Remover Of Darkness. Guru is one who removes the Darkness of our ignorance. As we know the history of Guru Purnima. Like Guru Purnima is also known as Vyasa Purnima for it marks the birthday of Veda Vyasa, the saga who authored the Mahabharata and compiled the Vedas. Guru worship on a summary of full moon day. So let's try to understand the true meaning of Guru Purnima. Guru means not only our God, parents or teachers. Guru is the one who helped us in our difficult times. Guru who teach you how to live and how to behave in difficult times. Guru is the one who only wants to see you happy and successful in life it may be your friend also. Guru can be anyone, yes we can say enemies are also guru.

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