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Why IEES scholarship program provides scholarship up to 5 lakhs rupees.

Why private company give scholarship??

It is a private limited company that conducts an easy scholarship test and provides scholarships to the students who perform well in the test. The salient features of this IEES scholarship program are as follows.

The scholarship program provides scholarship up to 5 lakhs rupees.

Basically it is either five lakhs rupees or one years education expenses, which ever is less is given to the students as scholarships.

It provides scholarship to 500 students completely on the basis of merit. For this purpose the students are divided into five categories.

~This is for students of standard 7th and 8th.

~This is for students of standard 9th and 10th.

~This is for students of 11th and 12th.

~This is for the students going through their graduation or post-graduation.

~This is for the students who are preparing for the competitive exams or the people who currently are into some jobs but want to study further.

And 100 students from each category are selected for the scholarship on MERIT basis. First four categories’ students can get the scholarship up to 5 lakhs rupees and the students from category 5 can get max.

1 lakh rupees as scholarships.

IEES scholarship program allows students from all castes of India, for all courses, for all institutions, irrespective of their merits in their academics and irrespective of their socio-economic status.

IEES scholarship program is India’s biggest scholarship program in terms of the amount of scholarship they provide and the number of students they provide the scholarships.

The program is completely a test-based scholarship program. All students can register on their website or they may register using their mobile app. For registration the students need to pay Rs.300.

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