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World Vegan Day

World Vegan Day is celebrated on November 1 and it amazes us to see how far this movement has come! We remember when veganism started off as a diet fad and then eventually grew into a lifestyle option. The joys and benefits of veganism are advocated on this dedicated day, highlighting just how easy it is to go for this cruelty-free lifestyle as well as generate awareness on rights for our furry friends. Even though veganism calls for the rejection of all animal-based products, a plant-based diet is the best way to encourage this change; with thousands of delicious vegan recipes or altered versions of meat and dairy dishes posted online.

HISTORY OF WORLD VEGAN DAY Across the globe, this day is celebrated exuberantly through exhibitions, seminars, restaurant specials, and events. This one day allows countless opportunities for vegans to promote their lifestyle as well as for anyone wishing to adopt it. But this green movement did not just begin with herbivores. In 1944, two members of ‘The Vegetarian Society UK’ – Donald Watson and Elise Shrigley, were at crossroads with the club. In addition to removing meat from their daily intake, they also avoided products made from or tested on animals. Yet, the society did not recognize their lifestyle as unique, leading the pair to create ‘The Vegan Society.’ In honor of the 50th birthday celebration of The Vegan Society in 1994, UK celebrity and then Chairman of the Vegan Society – Louise Wallis, decided to commemorate November 1 as World Vegan Day. The terms vegan and veganism were also coined by him. While deciding on a date, there was a lot of ambiguity as to which date exactly in 1944 was The Vegan Society founded. Aware of Halloween and Day of the Dead, Wallis selected the first of November. The rest, as they say, is history. The movement has been gaining traction lately, with a lot of its popularity owed to prominent celebrities who have committed to veganism over the past few years. Included among these are Ellen DeGeneres, Zac Effron, Ariana Grande, Pamela Anderson, and many more. The most challenging shift towards veganism has been for food chains. Fortunately, what was once thought of as a finicky diet, is now widely available at restaurants and supermarkets, offering a plethora of plant-based alternatives. Fast-food chains like KFC and Burger King also offer vegan burgers now, so we can all let out a sigh of relief now and still get our fast food fix.WORLD VEGAN DAY TIMELINE 1944 Join the club Donald Watson and Elise Shrigley co-found ‘The Vegan Society.’ 1994 Golden Jubilee Louise Wallis marks November 1 as World Vegan Day on ‘The Vegan Society’s’ 50th birthday. 2011 But that’s Impossible- Not! Impossible Foods was established by Patrick Brown to cease use of animals for meat. 2020 Finger Licking' Good KFC launches its first vegan burger. WORLD VEGAN DAY FAQS What population of the world is vegan? Based on the latest surveys by the United Nations, approximately 78 million people are vegans. Which country has the most vegans? The country that is leading and most rapidly converting to a vegan lifestyle is Israel – with 5.2% of its total population shifted to a plant-based diet. Is veganism dying? On the contrary, what was once dismissed as a fad, plant-based diets are now surging in popularity more than ever. A primary reason for this may be influential celebrities endorsing this lifestyle.WORLD VEGAN DAY ACTIVITIES

  1. Try a recipe Share your favorite recipes on social media or try a new one from your favorite celebrity! Now is the time to experiment and really go beyond the use of just vegetables for crafting vegan recipes. We were particularly impressed by the Vegan Enchiladas recipe by Paul McCartney!

  2. Take a pledge If you are on the fence about going green, take the 30-day vegan challenge by VeGuide. There is no better time to start than now! Or you can challenge your friends and family and impart your vegan values to them.

  3. Host a vegan party Gather your friends or workmates for lunch or dinner featuring dishes made completely from plants! Alternatively, you can host your get together at a restaurant that offers a vegan menu.


  1. Girl Power! World Vegan Day was created by Louise Wallis, who is part-time activist, part-time DJ.

  2. The oldest vegan cookbook Printed in 1874, the book is titled ‘The Hygeian Home Cookbook,’ written by Russell Thatcher Trall.’

  3. Veganism saves a ton of water estimates that it takes about 2500 gallons of water for every pound of beef produced. Wow!

  4. Go green! About 5% of the global population identifies as Vegetarian. Half of these are Vegan.

  5. Meat-free Mondays Following a no-meat policy, Los Angeles in the US goes meat-free every Monday since 2012.


  1. Save the animals Vegan Day heavily advocates respect for our animal friends. Not only does veganism eliminate the killing of animals, but activists also strive for stricter policy implementations against animal cruelty and mistreatment.

  2. Lean mean greens Researches link excessive consumption of animal fats and proteins to colon cancer, heart disease, obesity, and other fatal health issues. A clean plant-based diet reduces the chances of these significantly as well as providing a lot more nutrients.

  3. Saving the planet We love our planet, it’s the only one we’ve got! A vegan lifestyle saves a lot of water, reduces the impact of climate change, stops rare animal species from going extinct, and overall keeps our ecosystem ‘healthier’ (little joke there).

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